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Google Docs

Google Docs Integrations

ChainJet allows you to connect Google Docs with web3 dapps and web2 services, so you can automate your work. No code required.


Google Docs

batch Update documents

Applies one or more updates to the document. Each request is validated before being applied. If any request is not valid, then the entire request will fail and nothing will be applied. Some requests have replies to give you some information about how they are applied. Other requests do not need to return information; these each return an empty reply. The order of replies matches that of the requests. For example, suppose you call batchUpdate with four updates, and only the third one returns info...
Google Docs

create documents

Creates a blank document using the title given in the request. Other fields in the request, including any provided content, are ignored. Returns the created document.
Google Docs

get documents

Gets the latest version of the specified document.